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The Turner Classic Movie Film Festival. . .what brings me back to Hollywood, CA every year. Before jumping into the festival, though, here are some of the highlights of my two days in Hollywood BEFORE fest.


I decided to fly into CA a day early this year, and I am really glad I did. Doing so allowed me to spend some quality time with two of my friends, Karie and Beth. We spent much of the day on “Vintage Row” to do some shopping at the local stores in Burbank, and then off to FIDM for their Art of Motion Picture Costume Design exhibit.


The exhibit covered modern designs from movies such as La La Land and Suicide Squad to Valentino’s “Suit of Lights” from Blood and Sand (1922). A very interesting (and free!) venture.

After rushing back to Hollywood to pick up a couple of our friends, we made a mad dash to Santa Monica for Kimberly Truhler’s “Fashion in Film of TCMFF 2017: Sophisticated Comedies 1930s-50s” talk. This talk covered some of the comedies being shown at this year’s TCM Film Festival, some from past fests, and more. If you ever have an opportunity to attend one of her talks, I highly recommend it. . .they are very informative, enjoyable, and fun I learned a lot (This lady really knows her stuff)!

Before the talk, I was able to stop in the Marian Davies Guest House for a few minutes. Unfortunately, they were getting ready to close up shop, so we couldn’t stay long. I plan on going back at some point to tour the entire home, though.

To end the evening, my friends and I had dinner at Miceli’s (which included some lovely live music).


Day two was probably the most exciting, and nerve-wracking, day of my whole trip. . .for a very good reason, I was surprising my friend, Amelia, whom I had never met in person. To start the day, though, my friend Danny and I went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery to take a tour given by the lovely, Karie Bible (aka Cemetery Tour Guide). Karie is very passionate about what she does, and it shows! On the tour, you’ll see stars such as Tyrone Power, John Huston, DeMille, Estelle Getty and more! If you’re into classic films, history, and cemeteries. . .this is definitely for you.


Following the cemetery tour, we made our way over to Warner Bros. to surprise my friend, and take a tour of course. I had kept my going to the festival completely secret from her and it was great (though stressful). The surprise worked out perfectly and we all had a fantastic time on the tour.


Amelia and I at WB after I surprised her (obviously).

We then went back to the Roosevelt for drinks and our annual pre-fest get together with the Going to TCMFF Facebook group. In attendance were two great actresses, Barbara Rush and Miss Cora Sue Collins. Afterward, we walked over to Mel’s for dinner.

The evening concluded with bowling in the Roosevelt’s Spare Room with great friends, including Illeana Douglas.



Stay tuned for my day-by-day festival reviews!